Aquariums attract attention and add elegance to any environment. That's why aquariums are found in high-end restaurants, hotels, and galleries. They are also excellent learning tools for any classroom environment, from daycare to high school science classrooms.

We provide all services that are required to maintain a healthy aquarium environment in the Columbia, SC and surrounding area, including: plumbing, moving and installing, water changes, testing water quality, scrubbing algae, treating common diseases, and recommending compatible fish and invertebrates for your aquarium.

The owner and operator, Lawrence Mullen, of The Fish Man Aquarium Services, brings more than Seven years worth of experience in bringing beautiful aquarium solutions to both private residences and businesses alike.

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We can find the right aquarium for you!

Aquariums create a calming environment for any room. They are great in waiting rooms in hospitals, vet clinics, restaurants, schools and your own home!

We can work with all price ranges, from the smallest freshwater systems, to the largest saltwater reef aquariums. Contact us to find the right aquarium for you!


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